Mr Right Underwear wholesale and online retail sale men’s health underwear worldwide. Our Head Office is in Central Coast (about 1 hour driving to Sydney) Australia,Australian Business Number is 99486524879. Mr Right Underwear is 2020 Finalist of Local Business Awards, we strive to make the best men’s underwear in the world!

2020 Finalist of Local Business Awards

As men’s underwear can affect certain hormone production and future babies, our patented design is from boxer briefs for no chafing, while applying chimney effect through the creases of groin and butt crack of the wearer to reduce down under temperature naturally.

Proof/how it works: The basic reason is mesh can release heat much quicker than cloth, when a wearer’s  temperature is higher than outside at down under, especially doing sport wearers are hot and wet; plus the chimney effect to evaporate sweat associated with heat at down under much faster.

men's health underwear
men’s health underwear

Giving birth is risky: shopping products can be returned if they have problems, even dumped; but babies can’t. After born, even they have defects, problems, there is no right to return, not to mention dump.

Fertilization procedure: usually a man ejaculate 40~150 millions sperm each time, but only one sperm can get in/fertilize an egg—the strongest champion sperm. The lower a man’s sperm count is, the weaker his baby is. Why? For example, 1000 meter run’s competition, a champion at a college compare to a champion in an Olympic game, both are champion, what’s the difference? Similarly, a champion sperm in 1000 sperm Vs a champion sperm in 150 million sperm, what’s the difference for their fertilized babies? 

Each year more than 300,000 babies are born in Australia, 130 million in the world. The health of a baby at the moment of fertilization is a key determinant of subsequent health and intelligence and well-being. For future fathers, wearing the right underwear contributes to better outcomes for their babies, especially to have strong immune system to fight against corona virus ect. Great future of Australia/human relies on strong babies.

Together we can make the world better!

Contact: info@rightunderwear.com

We are still looking for investors/business partners; together we can make history and change men’s underwear forever!

For large order, we can change logo, fabric, and be custom-made to suit your own requirements (minimum order of 2000 pairs for custom-made). We open to discuss any possibility.